Who are the Three Sisters?

Three Sisters Catering was named after the owner’s three daughters – Anastasia, Amalia and Sophia! These girls were born into a fourth generation Greek hospitality family with diverse roots.

What sets Three Sisters Catering apart from other catering companies?

We pride ourselves on creating experiences through food. We work hand in hand with clients to ensure that their vision is realized, but most importantly that guests are wowed.

Are you hiring? How do I apply?

We are always looking for hard-working, dedicated, enthusiastic employees to join our team. Positions include servers, bartenders, line chefs and more. To submit your resume or for further information, contact us at hello@ThreeSistersCateringLA.com

General Catering 

What information should I have available when inquiring about catering?

Before contacting our coordinator be sure you are able to answer the following questions:

– How many guests will be attending?

You will need an estimated guest count to begin with. The final guest count can be adjusted as late as a week prior to your event.

– What style of service am I looking for?

Our services range from full service, to delivery (with and without set up) to a simple pick up order.

-What menu style am I looking for?

Based on the style of service you are leaning toward, you should have an idea of what kind of menu style you would like to include for your guests. We offer a wide range of choices including but not limited to: hors doeuvres (passed and stationary), a selfserve or staffed buffet, plated and served dinner, dessert options, beverage service, and more. Feel free to browse through our menu styles for ideas. If you’re not sure or have questions, our catering manager will be happy to weight the options with you.

Additional information that is helpful includes a date, location and budget (or range). 

Is there a minimum guest requirement?

Although we can make exceptions for smaller, more intimate parties, there may be an upcharge applied to parties under 25 people.

Do you deliver?

Yes! We do offer a selection of foods that are available for delivery, but be aware that some may require preparation or assembly upon delivery. A $55 delivery charge applies to all deliveries within 10 miles of our kitchen of Alhambra. Additional fees are assessed for deliveries over 10 miles.

Can I pickup my food from Three Sisters to save on delivery charges?

Yes, of course! We do offer pick-up options that can save on delivery costs. These items will come packaged and with instructions for proper preparation. Keep in mind these options are limited to items that do not require a chef to finish onsite.

How far can you cater?

We cater events far and wide! Events that are farther than 20 miles away from our kitchen in Alhambra incur a mileage charge.

Do you have a license to serve alcohol?

We can prove a full bar if needed.

Do you offer tastings?

Yes, we are happy to invite you in to taste the food and see the quality of our presentation. We charge a flat rate of $55 per person, per tasting, which will be applied as a credit to your invoice if you book your event with us. In the event that you require tasting of specialty or custom menu items (e.g. lobster) additional fees may be assessed.

Why do you charge for tastings?

The amount if time required to prepare the food for a tasting, as well as the cost of the food, is actually quite expensive for catering companies. Essentially, you are having a private chef cook for you! Each month, we receive dozens of requests for tastings, but due to our schedule of events, are only able to accommodate approximately two per week (on average). During busier times of the year, we are unable to accommodate any tastings. Therefore, it is necessary that we charge a fee for tastings.

When do you host tastings?

Tastings are held Monday-Thursday anytime up until 7pm in the evening.

Do you host tastings on the weekend?

Unfortunately, we are unable to host tastings on weekends. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days of the week for a catering, so we are often booked back to back with events on those days.



Do you offer vegetarian, gluten free, Paleo and/or Kosher options?

Yes! We have a variety of options and menus for your events! We also have the flexibility to split any order between regular dishes dietary restriction items based on your needs.

Can you handle dietary restrictions and food allergies?

We are always happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies. Please inquire for additional information.

Where does the food come from?

Three Sisters Catering sources the finest and freshest food from providers both locally and nationally.


Do I need a kitchen?

Most menu items we can prepare in our kitchen and transport in Cambro boxes to keep them warm. Some menu items require onsite preparation. Most venues charge a fee to use their kitchen, so we will let you know if menu items you are considering require onsite preparation.

What are your requirements for the day of the event?

  • Our chef and kitchen staff typically arrive on location 2 hours prior to the meal/food SERVE time. If we are responsible for additional set up (e.g. tabletop) then our staff will arrive earlier. Arrival time is based on the set up work required and will be estimated, along with additional staff costs, prior to event.
  • Client is responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses or permits. If you are unable to obtain insurance that lists your company/organization as the insured, we offer a $1 million policy that is available for purchase.
  • Please make sure appropriate parking space is available for our service and staff vehicles.
  • If there is a gate, guard or other obstruction, please arrange entry approval and/or provide us with credentials/instructions ahead of time.

Staff & Service

What supplies are included with orders?

Your order comes ready to serve in containers and serving utensils. In an effort to avoid excess waste, we do not include cups, utensils, or napkins unless requested. Hot menu items are served in heat resistant containers. Disposable chafing dishes and sternos available upon request for $10.00 per set.

Does your catering include wait service?

For an additional fee, Three Sisters is happy to provide a top notch staff for your event! An initial time/cost estimate is given during the proposal process. Final time/cost is calculated and billed post-event.

How will your staff dress?

Our wait staff primarily follows a black bistro uniform, which includes black shoes, black slacks, a black buttoned down shirt, and a black tie.

Will the Executive Chef be present at my event?

The attendance of our Executive Chef depends on several factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Order in which events were booked
  • Complexity of event menu
  • Events that have paid to have our Executive Chef present

Rest assured, a head chef is assigned to each event and works closely with our Executive Chef to ensure every event is seamlessly executed.

What time will the staff arrive?

All chef’s and bartenders arrive roughly 2-3 hours prior to the start of the event for prep and set-up. Server and bartender’s arrival time depends on set up required.

How many servers do I need?

One server will be staffed for every 15 guests for plated service. One server will be staffed for every dish being served. For example, if there are two buffet lines, double the number of servers than dishes would be required to accommodate two service lines (entrée/veggie/starch/salad = 8 servers).

Billing & Booking

What is the required time to book my date?

Events are booked are based on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage our clients to begin booking as late as three months in advance from their event date, however we are able to make some exceptions for last minute clients.

What if I have a “last minute” event to book?

We always try our best to accommodate last minute bookings. Our ability to do so depends on the nature of the event and events currently booked.

What is required to book an event?

We’re thrilled and honored that you have chosen Three Sisters Catering to cater your event! Please contact our catering manager at (626) 375-7510 or by email at hello@ThreeSistersCateringLA.com to begin the booking process. The items needed to secure a booking are:

  • Signed copy of our catering contract
  • 50% deposit (remaining 50% is due 3 days prior to event)

What is the billing process?

  1. We require a 50% deposit to book your event.
  2. The remaining 50% is billed 3 days prior to your event.
  3. Any overage in staff costs are billed immediately following your event.


What causes do you support?

Three Sisters supports and aligns itself with a variety of causes, but we have a particular affinity for causes that address the issue of hunger and children’s welfare.

How do I submit a request for a donation?

All donation requests must be submitted via our Donation Request Application. Click here to download the application and instructions.

How do you decide which donations are approved?

Because of the number of donation requests we receive, it is our company policy to limit donations to our client’s causes. However, we do make exceptions, so please feel free to submit your request and we will review.

What is your lead time for reviewing applications?

We require at least 6-8 weeks prior to the date the donation is needed to review the application and make a decision.